Tuesday, August 16, 2011

GTR #7.5

I caught up on the reviews that i forgot to do in #7 with this mini issue.  Some reviews, a crossword puzzle, an article about the pussification of hardcore and a piece about edge breaking, gandhi, and crazy ex girlfriends. i made 50 and they are sold out.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

#7 - Released Spring 2011

It took me 2 years to get this issue together. When I started doing GTR as a label, most of my time and money was taken up by that. I made 100 of these and quickly realized that not being in a band meant nobody gives a fuck about what I have to say anymore. It could be more the fact that not touring limits how many people i have the opportunity to sell zines to, but whatever. I have a few of these left, feel free to order one. email me for info i guess. *NOTE* for some reason, these scans won't scale down like the previous issues' scans did, so you have to click them to see the whole page spread independently. sorry.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

#6 - Released in March 2009

I spent most of the time between September '08 and February '09 sulking and feeling bad for myself. Unfortunate things happened between my ex and some of my friends, i hurt a great friend's feelings and i had gotten kicked out of Reign Supreme. I got a job for the first time in like 3 years stocking shelves at the supermarket down the street on the graveyard shift, which i'm still doing. i rarely leave my house and spend most of my time watching SVU marathons with my dog. I put this issue together mainly because i had my journal from Israel and i figured i had nothing better to do. Not touring has taken a decent toll on zine sales because that's where i got rid of most of them. I made 110 copies and still have plenty left, so you should pick one up if you like what you see below. ordering info can be found at www.myspace.com/gtrzine.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

#5 - Released in June 2008

I put this one together before Reign Supreme left for our tour last summer. We went out to the west coast with Let Down and came back with the Carrier. All the shows were awesome. Sound and Fury, This is Hardcore and tons of other awesome shows were included in this tour. All the copies i had left were sold on a tour we did a few weeks after we got home with Advent and Heavy Hearted. This was the last tour i went on before getting the boot from Reign Supreme. bummer. Please note the picture of Bob Wilson on the last page. best dude.